Answered By: Donna Marconnet
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2019     Views: 4

FAQ: Why don't I see my course materials?

Top 5 answers to why your might not see your course materials in Blackboard:

1. On your myBlackboard page, you click on the name or title of the course under My Courses module. Do not click on an announcement under a course name or on the myannouncements module. Clicking on an announcement will only show you announcements, not the whole course.  

2. In the course itself, check to make sure you haven’t accidentally hidden the menu bar. If you don't see a menu bar on the left, it might have been hidden. Look on the left side of the screen about a third of the way down the page. Roll your mouse over that area, and hover. If you see a little arrow type button appear, click it and the menu bar should come back. Clicking again will hide it. bb hide arrow

3. If that doesn’t work, towards the upper left corner in a block with the course name, you may see another small grey triangle icon to the left of the course name, which collapses the menu bar. Clicking that will expand, or collapse, the menu. 

4. Waitlist students with Guest access in a course will not see all materials. 

5. Instructors may make materials available on a certain date or even during a particular time. Check for any assignment information regarding dates and times.