Answered By: Jennifer Kasch
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After you change or reset your password your old password may be remembered (cached) in certain applications on your computer and mobile devices.

Sometimes you'll be prompted to update your password, in other cases old passwords may need to be manually updated to prevent account lockouts from failed logon attempts.

A few reminders on what to update:

  • College-loaned laptops-The vast majority of student-loaned laptops will automatically update the login credentials for the computer, itself, as long as it is connected to the internet. Specialized program student-loaned Windows laptops will need to be updated as follows:
    • Sign in to the computer with old credentials
    • Sign in to GlobalProtect VPN with new credentials
    • Press ctrl-alt-del at the same time on the computer and select Lock
    • Unlock computer with new credentials
    • Cached credentials have now been updated
  • MC-Secure Wireless - Update the password used to access MC-Secure wireless on your laptop and mobile devices. You may need to forget and re-add the network in order to enter your new password.
  • Microsoft Office applications—Office desktop applications will generally update automatically or will prompt shortly after changing your passphrase for updated login credentials. You may see an indication at the top of the application that there is an Account Error. Choose Sign in and proceed to sign in with your College email address and password.sign in after account error
  • Saved web browser forms (saved passwords)—If you have saved login credentials in your web browser or password manager for Madison College applications, such as Blackboard, myMadisonCollege, etc. these will need to be updated. Some password managers may automatically prompt you to update the saved password, if an updated password is typed into the application by the user. Or, you may need to manually update these passwords.
  • Mobile device applications— Mobile Microsoft 365 apps (Word, OneDrive, etc.) should prompt shortly after your password is changed or reset and ask you to sign in with your updated password. Follow the prompts and sign in with your College email address and new password.

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