Answered By: Donna Marconnet
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usb drive

If your USB device is not working with a virtual desktop, please wait a couple minutes for the device to install and appear. It may take longer than with a physical computer.

Next, try disconnecting the device and plugging it into a different USB port. 

If you are using a virtual desktop on your own computer, be sure to use the toolbar to connect the USB Device. Wait a bit and if it does not work, unplug the device,  log off, and then log back in. Plug the USB device in again and check the “Connect USB Device” menu. If the device name appears there, click on it and it should install and work as expected. 

USB connections won't work with the HTML access option; use the client with USB devices. 

Some USB devices may not work with virtual desktops. Try another device or method of saving your work such as OneDrive or other cloud storage, or your H drive, or email a copy to yourself.  

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