Answered By: Donna Marconnet
Last Updated: May 27, 2020     Views: 1189

If you have a Chromebook or check out a Chromebook from our library, you can access many college systems and services.

Apps like Google Docs or Word online may be helpful. Be sure to save your files in a format that is acceptable for your course assignments. Full versions of software like Office 365 cannot be installed on a Chromebook, but you can use online apps.  

You'll want to connect to MC-Secure wifi on-campus. 

Chromebooks don't use an operating system that is supported by Blackboard, but many features will work. You may need to use a computer for some courses or assignments, especially those where 3rd party content has been added. Check with your instructor to learn what is required for your coursework. 

Or, if you are entitled to a virtual desktop, use the html blast browser-based access to connect to a Windows desktop using your Chromebook. You can also add the Android VMware app to many Chromebooks. 

Here's some links for getting started. Let us know if you have questions.