Answered By: Donna Marconnet
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017     Views: 159

First, our apologies for the interruption of service. Now, here's some reasons why you might have gotten a virtual desktop black screen:

  1. It's usually because of a timeout limitation for inactivity. If you are not actively using the computer, the screen will go black and timeout after 15 minutes. If you start working on the computer again within a short time, you should be able to wake it up. Otherwise, you will be disconnected automatically. If you are automatically disconnected, you'll have a short time to be able to log back in and continue working. 
  2. If you log in and get a black screen right away that doesn't go away, try logging in again and choosing another desktop. Let us know your username, time, and which desktop (business, standard,...) so we can get that bad desktop fixed. 
  3. Check the display settings. At the screen where you select a desktop, right click on the desktop and make sure Full Screen is enabled under Display settings. 
  4. Sometimes there's a power or network interruption. If you log back in within 5 or 10 minutes and choose the same desktop, you should get the same desktop screens back. 
  5. MACs with retina display might have a black screen - rarely. Minimizing the window slightly usually fixes that issue. 

Disconnecting and trying a bit later may help. 

If you have continued issues with a black screen, let us know: your username, date/time, and which desktop (business, standard,...) so we can get that fixed and get you re-connected.